What's Postman all about?

Postman is an Android application that filters SPAM SMS
and moves it to a SPAM folder.
Scroll through the next few slides and
take a look at what postman can do.
Postman can be installed on any Android phone having
a version greater than 1.6.
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using the Feedback link.
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Spam Folder

When Postman considers a SMS as spam
it is moved to the spam folder.
A notification would pop up in
the notification bar.

Recover from Spam

When a SMS is wrongly marked as Spam,
you can mark it as "NOT SPAM".
This SMS will be moved to your Inbox.

Trusted Senders

When marking a SMS as "NOT SPAM" you have
the option to add the sender to the
trusted senders list.
Henceforth, SMS from such senders will never
be considered as spam.

Spam Filter Level

Based on your requirement you can configure
the level of Postman's spam filter.
The filter has two levels
  • Low : Service SMS from those senders
    who are not in my Trusted Senders
    list are considered spam

  • High : SMS from unknown senders are
    considered spam.Unknown senders are
    people who are not in my Phone's Contact
    list OR not in my Trusted Senders list

Smart Spam Notifications

Decide how often you want to be
silently notified of new spam messages.
'Instantly', Once in 'x' hours, 'Never'

Automatic Clean Up

Messages that have been in the spam folder
for more than a specified number of days
will be automatically deleted.
The number of days can be changed based
on your requirement, default being 45 days.

Do you like Postman?

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contact me at reinwald@gmail.com
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